Increase visitor engagement.

Add commenting functionality to your website.

Instantly allow web users to add comments, ask questions and discuss topics.

  • Attach comment boxes to any existing blog or web application.
  • Adjusts to fit website look and feel.
  • Edit and delete existing comments.

Public and administrator view of Commenting Drop-in-app


  • The Drop-in-apps require a minimum Squiz Matrix version of or above and are only available for Squiz customers with an active support agreement, please see the Terms of Use and Disclaimer for more information.
  • Drop-in-apps do not handle their own authentication, they rely on Matrix to tell them who is logged in. If you require social integration, please review the use of Matrix OAuth 2 authentication.

Full features list

Current commenting app features:

  • Instantly add the ability to build your site audience
    Easily attached a simple commenting box to any web page so that your audience can discuss topics, review products, and reply to blogs and articles.
  • Create engaging discussions
    Users can post comments and discuss comments in single threaded replies.
  • Rapidly moderate your comments
    Don’t waste time logging into other products and visiting multiple screens, stay on the same page to edit and delete comments.
  • Clean and simple design - adapts to site looks and feel
    The app fits seamlessly to existing site designs and provides settings to quickly customise styles to match branding.
  • Unlimited commenting and replies
    Let your audience talk amongst themselves as much as they like!
  • Works everywhere
    Support for many mobile and desktop devices, cross-browser compatible, and can be translated into any language.
  • Ensure the user always sends uniform data
    Data cleansing techniques are performed on all data sent by the feedback form. The app finds, removes, or corrects data to improve quality and usability of the feedback items that need to be reviewed.
  • Accessibility in mind
    Ensure assistive technologies can interpret dynamic features using current techniques from WAI-ARIA and WCAG 2.1.
  • Lightning fast performance
    Delivered by a smart CDN which makes sure the app loads and responds quickly, no matter where the user is located.
  • Auto upgrades
    Get new features as they ship, with no complex upgrade procedures. When an app updates automatically there is no need to change anything in Matrix. When it comes time to upgrade Matrix, no need to touch the app!

Commenting app features that can be achieved with a small amount of technical work in Matrix:

  • Login with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
    Get a Matrix implementer to wrap the embed snippet with Matrix OAuth 2 authentication.
  • Hide and show the commenting box based on specific requirements
    Get a Matrix implementer to wrap app the embed snippet in any number of content rules e.g. only show the commenting box in one part of your site, or only on specific pages.
  • View the commenting box based on permissions
    Get a Matrix implementer to wrap the embed snippet in the logic needed to limit commenting accessibility to guests, registered users or both, or blocks user access by cookie, IP and username.

The Commenting app requires a special Matrix connector package to be installed (by Squiz Support at no charge!) prior to dropping your app snippets into your website. The connector package allows for Drop-in-apps Connector Assets to be created which handles authentication between Matrix logged in users and the apps platform.

Once Squiz Support has installed the connector package, please visit the Matrix manuals website to review how best to configure the Drop-in-apps Connector Asset and then install your apps.

[1.0.1] - 2019-03-07

This release brings enhancements to get more out of your Commenting app:

  • Fixed: UI translations not being updated when new versions are released

[1.0.0] - 2019-02-13

Initial release of Commenting app:

  • See features list

Price Free
Min. Matrix Version
For Squiz Matrix
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